New Venture Expert (Due Diligence, Best Practices & Execution)

Law Office
Tom Cifelli

Mr. Cifelli enjoys helping fast growth investor backed ventures grow organically and through acquisitions, focused ultimately on successful public market exits for founders and investors.

His career started as a Certified Public Accountant (financial auditor and tax accountant). In law school Mr. Cifelli was editor of the Computer Law and Major Tax Planning journals, and research assistant updating the law school text "Federal Income Taxation."

He amassed decades of complex legal experience including serving as General Counsel and CFO with publicly trading reporting companies and as Managing Director of Investment Banking with broker-dealer firms. Tom held other professional licenses during his career including real estate brokerage, insurance brokerage, investment securities representative and principal licenses, and his CPA license. 

His professional cross training gives him a unique perspective on complex business, investment and financial transaction due diligence and documentation. 

Tom co-founded EBIZ, a publicly traded e-commerce company in 1997. He designed and built one of the first interactive user generated content web applications in the world in 1999. More recently he co-founded then exited an ancillary cannabis venture, and advised on mergers & acquisitions with multi-state licensed cannabis industry companies.


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