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New Venture Expert (Due Diligence, Best Practices & Execution)

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Mr. Cifelli ("Tom") focuses on investor backed new venture transactions. Services are performed as contract general counsel or contract CFO for select clientele periodically, but more typically in connection with Tom being a venture co-founder and investor.

After graduating law school from the University of Southern California, already a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with significant tax planning and financial auditing practice experience, Tom quickly evolved into a cross trained business, legal and financial professional. Along the way he co-founded as General Counsel, CFO and EVP BizDev one of the first fully reporting publicly traded Internet ecom companies in the world, in 1998, traded with the stock symbol "EBIZ." 

He also co-founded an ancillary cannabis venture in 2013 as its General Counsel and CFO. Tom's also served as Managing Director of Investment Banking with regional investment brokerage firms.

Tom prides himself on seeing all facets of transactions and being able to help strengthen and improve the competitive efficiency and speed to successful exit of nearly any venture investment. See Attorneys for more information on Mr. Cifelli.

See Practice Areas for a discussion of the complex legal areas Mr. Cifelli handles on a selective basis for interesting emerging growth clients. He also helps compelling charitable causes assisting the homeless, the hungry, foster kids, animal rescues, environment and human sustainability efforts.